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Guy Lombardo/Royal Canadians + Glen Gray/Casa Loma Orchestra

4 original mid-1930s Photos with many key signatures, all guaranteed authentic and period. 2 each 8"x10"s. 1 portrait of 4 Lombardo brothers, each signed above portrait & 8 Royal Canadian signatures on back. 1 individual portrait Guy Lombardo signed. + another 4 ½" x 6 ½" of R.C. Band with 7 member signatures above their portraits. + Glen Gray Band Portrait with his signature + 5 Casa Loma band signatures. Few minor margin defects, Otherwise all very good condition. $6,000 collection. Click on picture


Become a Paperback/Softcover Bookseller. For a onetime investment of $200,000, we will provide you 100,000 good used Paperbacks from the past 65 years of the most desirable types & authors (includes rare and collectible types in quantity, as well as all salable subjects), PLUS startup support to effectively create a profitable long-term business in your location. Instant business, low startup cost, turn over when you want to move on or run for a lifetime!



Large collection of over 6,000 books from late 1700s to 1960s. Includes most everything imaginable published during this long period, such as: lots of nice illustrated books of various sizes, boys'/girls' series, small books, readers, odd items, etc., etc. Accumulated by a teacher over many years with a view to opening a store; but, never did. No catalog; but, a great bargain for an entrepreneur or instant collection. Fills about 100 boxes!

$26,000, plus basic delivery expenses.


78 rare books, most printed in the 1800s. 43 are first Editions. All original hardcover bindings. All in English language except one.

$12,500. includes shipping, insurance, proper packing in U.S.A. 4-page list $2.00 ppd.

· Novels/FICTION: Hardcover Book Collection

Collection of 21,000+ desirable previously-owned hardcover books circa past 200 years of American & British authors primarily. All in English language. Thousands are 1st Editions & 1,000s have original dust jackets. Includes 1,000s Classics as well as popular authors & titles & quality lesser-known. Fills over 1,000 feet of shelving!

$125,000. plus reasonable delivery costs. Can pack & ship overseas.


National Union Catalog of All Books, Manuscripts, Magazines, Pamphlets, Etc., acquired by Library of Congress from 1942 to 1972, including items back to Medieval origin. Huge 367-volume set complete. All are quality hardcover cloth books printed on 300-year paper. All 8½"x11½". Ex-library with neat spine & small title page stamps; but, virtually un-used condition throughout! Contains a huge quantity of information for fast identification. The average book weighs 4lbs., so set weighs about ¾ ton. Includes all items acquired by the L of C, not just American origin. The overall set is comprised of 7 sub-sets, each in a different color buckram binding; but, all with close appearance to conform otherwise. Would fill 53 feet of shelf.

$5,000 plus reasonable delivery costs.


"Encyclopedia Britannica" sets: 3 complete, recent, like-new-condition sets of 30 to 32 vols. each. No names or markings, showing no use! All are current "Britannica 3" or 15th Edition (same thing).

Prices are postpaid, insured in US. (Foreign available).
1990 Set $1,250.
1986 Deluxe Leatherbound $1,250.
1984 Set $850.


803 rare issues of "The UNION SIGNAL", 'Official Organ of the Women's National Christian Temperance Union', Mrs. Mary B. Willard, Editor. Published Chicago, weekly. Dates 1883-1905, being the majority of what was published. All very good condition. The set came from a famous American collection. Thousands of articles on women's issues, also alcoholism, prostitution, etc. Probably longest run in existence. All are the original publications.



Stock consists of 250,000+ desirable out-of-print/scarce/rare Books, Comics, Magazines, Paper Items & the like; originating from 3 centuries & much of it not seen in circulation for 25+ years. 100s subjects. Many thousands of books, etc. that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. Rare opportunity.


$3,000,000. ($3 million) complete. [9m+Potential] Door-to-door delivery arrangements easily made. Support Services available with purchase for up to one year without charge. Contact John W. Foster


Collection of 2,000+ pictures from 1960s fan magazines. Various sizes from small clippings to double pages. Color & black/white. $1500.
ALSO similar size collection of 2,000+ on MONKEES from 1960s, too. $1000.

BEATLES $1500. Prices are postpaid, insured, properly packed.
MONKEES $1000. Prices are postpaid, insured, properly packed.


70 thick bound volumes of about 750 different issues from the 1960s &1970s, with ads bound in. High quality production & graphics. Similar to "Life"/"Time" combined. Full of photos & art on events of the period: Royalty, disasters, movies, sports, etc. Bindings all matching green heavy-duty cloth; and, ex-library. All in fine condition, not circulated! About 15 feet of shelf & heavy.



5,000 photography magazines dating 1890s-present (more newer than older) of at least 50 different titles, including rare to common. All have their covers as issued. No "Camera Work" but some resemble it. Condition mostly fine. Includes small amount of annuals & specials, too. Some titles: "Photo Miniature", "Kodakery", "Picture" etc., etc.


· MARTIAL ARTS Magazines

Group of 438 issues of many titles dating 1968 to early 1990s. All standard 8" x 11" format & highly illustrated, some color. Includes annuals & specials. Lots of Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris. Some titles: 'Black Belt", "Inside Karate", "Inside Kung-Fu", "Karate Illustrated", etc. All good condition with covers.

$1,400. includes good packing, shipping, insurance.


"METHODIST REVIEW MAGAZINE" About 350 different rare quarterly etc. issues bound in 78 old thick leather volumes dating 1826-1913. Published NYC. Many portraits in the early volumes. All issues very good condition, bindings various. 14 feet shelf.


· RADIO Magazines, old.

136 different issues of "Popular Radio", "Electrical Merchandising", "Radio Craft", "Radio Retailing", "Radio Today", etc. dating 1922-1940. Also includes 26 radio catalogs, repair manuals, show promotions, flyers, instructions. Condition fair to fine. All in full original covers as issued.

$1,000. includes careful packing, shipping, insurance.


212 Song magazines (words to songs played on old-time radio records, TV) circa mostly 1930s to 1960s including some rock-n-roll. Famous stars on the covers & pictures inside, too. Various sizes, some framable! Hard to find now.

$1,000. includes careful packing, shipping, insurance.


Group of 321 from the 1970s, all in very good complete condition. All different. Many titles & publishers.

$625. includes good packing, shipping, insurance.


· TV GUIDE Magazine

266 different early issues of 1957--1963 of New England & Eastern N.E. editions. Rare--no address labels & most crossword puzzles un-used. Includes many scarce issues & 6 Fall Previews. Mostly in good condition, with all covers. All from one home.


· CLOCKS/JEWELRY: The Jeweler's Circular & Horological Review
'A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Interests of Watchmakers, Jewelers, Silversmiths...'

48 Consecutive issues (4,685 pages!) dating January 1887--December 1890, bound in 4 thick matching rich bright brown leather bindings in 10"x13" format. Quality publications with MANY THOUSANDS OF GRAPHIC ILLUSTRATIONS & descriptions & prices suitable for reference, republication, enjoyment in the original venue. Published in NYC, RARE. All Fine condition.


· "ROLLING STONE" Magazines

Huge accumulation/collection of 2,500+ issues dating from Vol. 1 in 1967 to near present. Lots of the early 11½"x17" newspaper/tabloid style format issues included & also the rare & most desirable issues included. Mostly very good condition, with all their covers. All profusely illustrated. Framable covers. All purchased from original sources over past 25 years by us & put away carefully.



426 all different issues of 2 titles, all difficult to find & desirable: 335 "Autosport" of 1952--1970, published at London; & 91 "Sports Car", Published by Sports Car Club of America at, Westport, Conn, of 1956--1965. All profusely illustrated; complete with all original covers & 1,000s ads. All very good condition.

$6,500. for all

· PENTHOUSE Magazine Collection

Rare complete set of the 1st 20 Years of "Penthouse" Magazine from Volume 1#1 of September 1969 through December 1988 - 228 all different issues. All issues very good, complete condition. Collection also includes all posters & calendars issued with the magazines over the years & some specials. Instant research collection.


· PLAYBOY Magazine Collections

"PLAYBOY" Magazine: Complete Set from Januaray 1956 through January 2000 = 529 all different, complete issues (44 complete years!) ALSO 50+ more related items: 1st parody ("Plowboy") 1957; early specials, club item etc. Collection includes ALL the VARGAS color cheesecake pictures issued. All items very good condition. Instant Collection! $10,000. plus shipping/insurance.

ALSO available: Group of 314 different 1965--1992 near complete; and, all issues complete inside; but, not top 
condition. $4,000

· TIME Magazine

Very long run of 871 all different issues from April 1939 to Dec. 1955 complete, bound in 67 matching hardcover books, filling 11 feet of shelf! All the great Sports & Movie issue covers all bound in, as well as all the ads & articles. All in near new condition. Library rubber stamp on some issue covers, small.


· Rare Stock Market Magazines: "Business Conditions Weekly"

1,664 different issues from April 16, 1927 through March 30, 1944 near complete (includes extra & supplementary issues) in 16 original publisher's binders. Rich, attractive appearance, covering in depth the1929 Crash & all other stock market history & transactions of this 17-year period.

$12,500. includes shipping and insurance.


Complete set from Vol. 1- #1 of January 1922 up through June 1987 - 786 all different issues. 1922-1967 bound in 92 attractive books with all the issue covers & ads bound in. Newer issues in neat bundles by years. All issues & bindings near new condition. Would fill 17 feet of shelving. One person's original collection from the start!



701 different issues bound in 64 thick black books: July 1940-Dec. 1959 near complete. Published at Albany, NY in 8½"x11" size. 1,000s illustrations & ads throughout. Issues average 200-300 pages per. Exlibrary; but, no spine numbers. Would fill 12 feet of shelf.


· COMICS Accumulation

Accumulation of 20,000 Comic books (most 1980s & 1990s). All neatly stored in proper boxes and bags; some in individual bags. Includes 100s titles & many desirable & scarce issues; Just as we acquired them from individuals who each collected over a period of years. All good to mint condition, complete with all covers & pages as issued.

Everything $17,500. plus basic shipping.

· SHEET MUSIC Accumulation

Huge accumulation of over 29,000 genuine antique, mostly all different pictorial songsheets circa late 1800s--1950s. Mostly popular & show tunes. Condition varies; but, all complete with all covers and pages as originally issued. Mostly American origin. Wonderful opportunity for sheet music, antiques, print dealers or collector.

$20,000. Many boxes.


Approximately 10,000 different complete issues of "Topeka Daily Capitol" (Kansas) 1919-1950, bound in 160 huge folio books. Includes about 1,250 Sundays, each with Sunday color comics (1919-1936 are one-color; 1936-1950 full color). ALSO 1,000s headlines & illustrations for WW II, Sports, Movies, Criminals, Disasters, etc. Also 1,000s interesting illustrated ads. All good condition. Approximately 2 tons & would fill 33 feet of large shelving.

$22,500 complete plus basic shipping/delivery.


Incredible complete collection from Volume 1 #1 of May 14, 1842--through 1962 = 120-year consecutive run, or 6,240+ individual issues bound in over 300 large heavy folio books, many by the publisher. Many thousands of beautiful wood engravings fill the 19th Century issues; and, all the great events of history, inventions, celebrities, sports, crime, war (American Civil War, too & they were on the Confederate side) are recorded in picture and word. All on high-quality paper meant to last for centuries. Also includes the large, folding supplements & color items. Similar to America's "Harper's Weekly" in style & format.

The Entirety $600,000. plus basic shipping costs anywhere. Weight approximately 2 tons! Consecutive runs like this are virtually extinct.

· Edward GOREY Book Collection

8 books circa 1958--1976, of which 7 are true 1st Editions. 3 of the 1st Editions are Inscribed by Gorey in his very neat hand. 5 are hardcover (4 with original dust jackets). Condition about very good throughout. Titles: "Alvin Steadfast on Vernacular Island", "Awdrey-Gore Legacy", "Broken Spoke", "Curious Sofa", "Epilectic Bicycle", "Hapless Child", "Fatal Lozenge", "Object-Lesson".

Reasonable $2,250. includes shipping, insurance, proper packing.


Near complete set from Volume 1 #1 in 1915--Volume 26 in 1940, with 17 complete years included. All very good, clean condition in original wraps covers, never bound. High quality production & materials. Each full of quality photographs, artwork, plans of fine American home architecture. Format about 9" x 11". Issued bi-monthly. Each has a theme. Published at St. Paul & NYC. Long runs are rare.

$6,000. includes shipping, insurance, careful packing. Fully guaranteed to be authentic original publications.

Signed and Inscribed Books Collection

Collection of about 1,200 books all signed by their authors circa mid-1800s to 1990s. Many subjects of non-fiction & fiction. The majority have original dust jackets and in top condition. Authors are famous and not. No list currently; but, priced right wholesale at $26,500. Instant Collection!


"POPULAR SCHIENCE Monthly" Magazine

Scarce group of 43 different issues in the large format 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 dating 1927-1934. All good to fine condition; but, 3 lack covers. Beautiful full-color SciFi art front covers; and, color art cigarete ads on backs + 100s internal illustrations each issue. Issues are thick, printed on good paper. No address labels. The covers would be great framed!



"MODEL RAILROADER" Magazines collection from one estate. 653 all different issues dating 1948-2007, all in FINE condition. About 10 feet of them! No address labels. Includes 3 Indexes: 1 publishers; 2 manuscript, unique covering Plans & Types of Plans (the later are worth the price)


Punch Magazine

PUNCH Magazine: Incredible 500+ bound-volume collection circa 1st issue in 1841 to World War II. Each book full of weekly issues & 100s finely crafted art illustrations of comic and/or political subjects of the time. Some in long, consistenty bound runs, others are seperate vols. or many. Many bindings are original publishers pictorials. Some leatherbound. All issues in fine, clean, complete condition; bindings mostly very good. Old collection of fanatical collector.


Harper's Magazine

HARPER'S Magazine, NYC: 102 different single, never bound (rare this way) issues circa 1863-1883, all complete with all original wraps covers & the many ads never found in bound volumes. 1,000s wood engravings on incredible quantity of subjects. Also early Santas!

$1,250.Antiquarian Bookstore, 1070 Lafayette Rd., Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 436-7250
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Antiquarian Bookstore, 1070 Lafayette Rd., Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 436-7250

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Miscellaneous + Art + Antiques


Andrea Pietro De Zerega Oil Painting
Nathaniel C. Burwash Painting
Nathan Robbins Nautical Art
Microscopical Slide Cabinet
Jean Lamont Dell art collection
ELSIE the Borden Cow
Enrico Valory Oil Painting
Adults-Only Erotica Collection
Andrew Jackson
Mabel Key Paintings
18th Century wood trunks
17th Century Boston Inkwell
Antique Honda Motorcycle
Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle
Chrysler Coorporation Deluxe Wheel Set

· Andrea Pietro De Zerega Oil Painting

Zerega, Andrea Pietro de: American Artist. Fine large oil painting prominently signed on back "Corcoran 1937/1938" in his hand. The painting is 30"" x 40'' in a thin wood frame. Apparently never damaged, repaired, cleaned & was well stored. Artist listed in many reference books. Guaranteed Authentic. Click to see picture

$12,500 includes careful packing in proper painting box, insurance, quick shipping.

· Nathaniel C. Burwash Painting

Burwash, Nathaniel C.: American Artist. "Mother & Child" 1937, Signed. 1906-1947. Painting's held by various prominent museums. 17 1/2" x 22 1/2" net. Artist listed in various reference works. Guaranteed Authentic. Click to see picture

$5,500. includes careful packing, insurance, quick shipping.

· Nathan Robbins Nautical Art

Robbins, Nathan: Artist. Pencil/Watercolor Painting entitled "W.H.Y. Hackett, (out of ) Portsmouth, N.H." showing yacht at full sail of that name, with Boone Island Lighthouse (in Maine near NH). Large 20" x 26" in original wood frame. Circa late 19th Century. Nice appearance; but, has some damp stain & insect damage. Guaranteed Authentic. Click to see picture

$7,500. includes careful packing, insurance, quick shipping.

· Microscopical Slide Cabinet

Late 19th Century MICROSCOPICAL SLIDE CABINET of mahogany, containing 1,328 identified glass slides dating 1889-1891 (those that are dated). Labels show info such as makers, specimen names; all 1" x 3" in 74 drawers in cabinet 19" wide, 23" tall, 14" front-to-back. Wood-framed front glass locking door. Cabinet lacks 2 pieces wood, easily replaceable. Items include: fluke worm from shark, submarine pseudo-scorpion, human body louse, parasite of black antelope, Negro skin, kangaroo hair, zebra hair, liver of California lion, mummy cloth, etc.



Group of 123 original watercolors & other original works circa 1940s to 1960s. Includes landscapes, greeting card art, book illustration. Lived in Connecticut. Various sizes up to 2'. Mostly loose, some mounted in mats. Mostly nice, clean condition. Many are signed, some not. She painted in varying styles.


· ELSIE the Borden Cow

Original illustration art signed by famed Walter EARLY. Elsie has prim schoolteacher's outfit, apple & blackboard with few French words. Beautiful coloring. Art is 5" square with wide original margins on artists' board, circa 1940s. In fine original condition. Click to see picture.

$5,500. guaranteed authentic and as described. Rare opportunity, at very reasonable cost.

· Enrico Valory Oil Painting

Fine signed large oil painting in original gold leaf frame 3 1/4" thick & almost perfect condition! Canvas is 29" x 39", frame 38" x 48". Tiny 1" straight tear to canvas, bottom right only. Could use cleaning; but is in excellent condition. See photo.

$12,500 + basic shipping via safest transportation.

· Adults-Only Erotica Collection

Adult Video Collection: 1,200 different, mostly dating 1970s~1999 (a few newer?). Most have their original picture boxes. All VHS. Classics and obscure. Professional and amateur. American & European, a few Oriental. Well known notorious "stars." Will fill at least 25 cartons. $9,950, + basic delivery costs. Must be 18+ age. Rare Opportunity.


Antique Honda Motorcycle

1983 Honda 450A Automatic (2 speed, travels fast and comfortable like bigger tour motorcycle but miserly on gas use - great for commuting or cross country). Only 3,000 miles! Stored in dry garage most of its 28-year existence. Currently registered with Antique liscense plate. Has original installed rollbars & backbar. Recent new chain, tire. Ready to go.

$3,500. picture goes here

· Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle

1977 Honda Gold Wing 1,000cc motorcycle with only 583 original miles! In dry garage storage for the past 34 years! Black with gold trim. Classic machine, only 2nd year of manufacture. Ready to go. $12,500 net, take it away... Original owner selling.

$12,500 Also available: 1983 Honda 450 Automatic. Only 3,000 miles $3,500.

Chrysler Coorporation Deluxe Wheel Set

Set of 5 Fancy Chrysler Town & Country late 1990s 16" Matching wheels (No tires). 4 appear new, 1 has few tiny nicks. Set cost approximately $2,000 new about 12 years ago.

Set $950.

New Hampshire Antique Wooden Trunks

2 small dome-top wood trunks approximately 225-250 years old from same colonial-era New Hampshire attic. Smaller is 21" long x 9" tall with oringal red pain & largest part of orig. crafted lock present. Larger is 24" long x 11" tall with remnants of original Colonial wallpaper. Rare opportunity to buy genuine early Americana cheap at $2,500. for both.


Boston 17th Century AntiquePewter Inkwell - Inkstand

Inkstand, Pweter, 17th Century, Boston area origin. 7 1/8" x 4 3/4" x 2" tall with 2 fienly hinged doors. Skilled workmanship. Appears to lack inkwell itself; but, another loose original peice is present. 4 Jacobian feet, all original & in very good condition! As with many early American metal items, no maker's mark. Will consider offers. Told at Antiques Roadshow type event could be worth $650,000.

Make offer.

Andrew Jackson, N. Currier New Orleans hero

Rare N. Currier (later Currier & Ives) "Gen. Andrew Jackson The Hero of New-Orleans" 'Lith. Pub by N. Currier 2 Spruce St. NY' Wonderful portrait of Gen. Jackson in full military uniform & highly decorated saddle & blanket on his bucking horse with battle ensuing in background. Orig hand colored lithograph circa 1840s (not dated). 10" x 14" in original 12" x16" wood frame with original backing board and original handmade nails and hanger. Picture is in excellent condition with NO typical dampstains.

Rare thus $2,500

Mabel Key Paintings

Pair of matching Mabel Key floral watercolor paintings. One signed "Mabel Key July 1917". Each painting is 20"x40" vertical with matching original 2 1/2" frames. One has full seal on back (the signed one). Both in excellent condition.

$45,000 the bothAntiquarian Bookstore, 1070 Lafayette Rd., Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 436-7250




"I WAS A PAGAN" by V.C. Kitchen. London, 1934. 1st Edition. Rare. Inscribed by the author neatly in front. Dedication page: "To the Oxford Group, That Disciplined Army of Life Changes Who Gave New Meaning To My Life & New Direction To Its Purpose". Fine condition with original dust jacket. Little information exists on this important early work. $3,500. includes registered mail delivery, proper packing. Guaranteed authentic and as described.

$3,500. includes careful packing, shipping, insurance.

· WESTERN Fiction

372 hardcover books originating late 1800s to about 1950. About 50 running feet of shelf! Includes Zane Grey & many other great & lesser Western writers. Some: are 1st Editions, have dust jackets, illustrated (sometimes by famous artists & some in color), duplicates. Condition varies from poor to fine. A wonderful collection of readers editions, with character.


· Grey, Zane
2 sets of Zane Grey's Works in matching blue/red/ivory cloth bindings produced in the 1950s. All in very nice, clean condition & look great. Format 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" on high quality paper & meant to last. 70 volume set includes scarce biography. $1, 250. Also, 61 volume set $1000. No duplicate titles in either set. 7 1/2 & 6 1/2 feet of shelf.

Prices include good packing, shipping, insurance.


"Homes of American Statesmen: With Anecdotal, Personal & Descriptive Sketches" 'By Various Writers'. New York: Putnam & Co.: 1854. 1st Edition. Frontispiece is an original mounted-in Crystallotype (calotype) identified in pencil below it (as in all copies): "Hancock House (Boston), an original sun picture". The photograph is in perfect condition & clear & un-faded. In a fine gilt & brown leather binding with "silk on the covers was worn as a girdle on one of Mrs. Low's dresses...bound here as a memorial of her...". The binding is in fine condition; but, the silk is rubbed & worn on both covers. 6" x 8 1/2" format. Rare.

$7,500. includes careful packing, shipping insurance. Guaranteed as described.

· WILSON, EDMUND Book Collection:

Rare book collection of 22 different titles dating 1926-1960s, of which 15 are true 1st Editions. All very good condition in original bindings, no dust jackets.

$2,100. includes careful packing, shipping, insurance.


"Rhymed Tactics" by 'Gov' (John A. Godfrey). Published NYC 1862. 144 pages + 9 plates. Original pictorial wraps binding. Only one other copy known to exist of this rare 1st edition. Content is instruction on military tactics, with pertinent illustrations, in poetry form!

$2,000 includes careful packing, shipping, insurance.


"DRAPERS RECORD" A Journal Devoted to Drapery, Outfitting, Upholstery Trades". 496 rare weekly issues bound in 20 early matching black leather volumes dating July 1889-December 1898 complete. Format 9" x 13". All original issue covers & the thousands of wonderful illustrated ads in them, too. 6 feet of heavy shelf.


· SUPREME COURT, U.S. Cases/Reports

60 bound volumes, starting with Volume 1, up to 1915, in original thick leather bindings + Supplement Volumes 1-5. Bindings poor, all contents fine, clean, complete. 16 feet of shelf.


· "The FBI Story: A Report to the People" by Don Whitehead

Foreword by J. Edgar Hoover, 1956, 3rd printing. Inscribed neatly in ink on 1st blank flyleaf: "To Mr. & Mrs. James Parks. With warm personal regards J. Edgar Hoover Jan. 1957". THEN, just under the above, also in a prominent ink signature; "Clyde Tolson" (!). Perhaps unique to find both signatures together anywhere! Tolson was Hoover's longtime companion.

$3,500. net includes careful packing, insurance, shipping. Fully guaranteed authentic.

· LIONEL EDWARDS Picture Book Collection:

10 different mostly circa 1922--1928 of beautifully illustrated books by Edwards; mostly quarto large size. All but one are full-color, usually tipped-in/mounted plates. Fine publications of quality paper and bindings. All true 1st Editions or 1st Americans. Bindings red, blue, green rich looking. All books fine condition & complete. Neat bookplate & small embossing in front of each of same collector. Titles include: "The Fox", "Over the Grass", "Scattered Scarlet", "Hunting Sketches", etc. Rare Opportunity.

$3,500. net includes careful packing, insurance, shipping.

Click to view larger image

· Merck’s Manual of the Materia Medica

'A Ready-Reference Pocket Book for the Practicing Physician'. NY: 1899. The rare 1st Edition. Condition very good, clean, tight, complete as issued by Merck in its original sturdy black cobbled cloth on good paper. Shows little use. Fully guaranteed to be the authentic 1st edition made in 1899.

Rare opportunity for $17,500. Includes shipping via overnight safe, insured delivery.

· WESTERN AMERICANA: Hubert H. Bancroft's works

Rare, complete original 39-volume set printed by him in San Francisco 1883-1890, with many thick, self-contained volumes: Arizona, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Alaska, Indians, etc. Matching original brown cloth bindings, filling 7 1/2 feet shelf. All bindings good condition; but, once exposed to mildew; contents all like new, including the maps. Complete sets are rare.


· YORK COUNTY, MAINE: Early Deed Records

Rare 19-volume complete set entitled YORK DEEDS covering entire most important Maine county from beginning in 1690 through 1737, published at Portland 1887-1910 in sufficient quantity only for public institutions of Maine; but, this is a rare private set with no markings. Beautiful bright brown leather & marbled boards bindings with red gilt labels & all in very good condition. Fills about 4 feet of shelf. Apparently only this 1st Edition published.

$7,500. includes shipping, insurance, proper packing.

· Science Fiction Paperbacks

Group of 2,000 circa 1950s--present. All with full original covers. Mostly different. Includes many 1st Editions. 100s authors. Condition fair to mint.



Nice group of 18 hardcover books primarily by these 3 authors & about the Shoals, including 8 1st Editions. Dates 1859--1935. Includes 1 signed by Celia's brother Oscar & 1899 "Songs From Appledore" has rare original dust jacket. Generally very good condition.

$2,100. includes shipping, insurance, proper packing.


Reference Book: "Motion Picture Players Credits In Movies, TV". Large, thick (1,013 pages) hardcover book has vital information on 15,000 actors.

Originally issued at $145. New copies available at $65. postpaid, insured in US. 2 for $115. Foreign orders solicited.

BIBLE Bibliography, World's Largest: "The BIBLE, Texts & Translations of the Bible & the Apocrypha & Their Books From the National Union Catalog, Pre-1956 Imprints".

Complete set of 5 folio volumes including full Index. 3,455 pages in mini print (easy to read without magnifying glass) with annotated descriptions of 63,000 Bibles & related, from early manuscripts to printed books up to 1955. Includes descriptions of all known English language editions as well as those in 700 other languages. All items included from Library of Congress, American Bible Society, etc. Published 1980 on 'permanent book paper'. Handsome maroon binding with gilt. Weighs 36 lbs.

$1,250 includes shipping, insurance, and double wall box

Barnum, P.T., "Struggles & Triumphs: or 40 Years Recollections of P.T. Barnum"

Written By Himself. Author's Edition. Buffalo, N.Y.: Courier Co.: 1878. With 33 full-page wood engravings complete. Signed "Compliments of P.T. Barnum" on paper originally attached in with title page + potrait. Original dark brown cloth binding worn, contents tight $amp; complete ecept lacks blank back endpaper. also auction ad included showing another signed Barnum book with facsimilie. Guaranteed authentic as described.


_______________________________Antiquarian Bookstore, 1070 Lafayette Rd., Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 436-7250

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